Please have ready the Emergency names and phone numbers, Doctor's name and phone number, Names and phone numbers of persons authorized to pick up the camper in order to complete your reservation.

1. Select the date camper will attend. The time will automatically show.

Select the date of your visit by clicking on a blue square in the calendar.

2. Enter in the box the number of campers per date.
Then choose the number of tickets by entering the number in the appropriate box.
Child: $70.95
3. Select time for your activity
Winter Break Camp (Grades 3-5)    (Program Description)

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To add campers or camp dates click on “ CONTINUE SHOPPING”. On the next page, scroll down to select the Camp H20 option. Indicate the additional date or additional camper and repeat steps. Complete Camper Information only once for each camper.

Weekly Registration Information
To register for the entire week, please call 404-581-4000.