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Zebra shark

Zebra shark

(Stegostoma fasciatum)

The zebra shark is a common shallow-water species found near coral reefs in the Indian Ocean and western Pacific. It is a nocturnal hunter preying on shrimp, crabs, snails and sea urchins, as well as small fish. The zebra shark can often be seen resting on the bottom. When swimming, it can be easily identified by its color pattern and it long wavy tail fin.

The zebra shark gets its name because, when newly hatched, the young have vertical black and white stripes. The stripes gradually break up into spots as the animal grows. This species is also known as the “Australian leopard shark”.

Be sure to look for this beautiful shark in the Ocean Voyager gallery.

Fun Facts

  • The female zebra shark lays dark brown or purplish black colored eggs with a tough, leathery covering.
  • The Georgia Aquarium has successfully hatched zebra shark eggs laid in the Ocean Voyager habitat.
  • Although this shark can reach almost eight feet in length, it is harmless to humans.
  • This species is nocturnal and hunts for prey at night. It rests on the ocean bottom during the day.
  • The caudal (tail) fin of this shark can be as long as the rest of its body.
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