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Bowmouth guitarfish

Bowmouth guitarfish

(Rhina ancylostoma)

The bowmouth guitarfish is a very distinctive-looking ray that is found in tropical seas of the Indo-Pacific region. Its range extends from East Africa to Japan and Australia. It inhabits inshore areas over muddy or sandy bottoms and coral reefs. It usually is seen swimming alone.

The bowmouth guitarfish looks like a cross between a ray and a shark. The head and front of its body are flattened and broad, while the rest of the body and its dorsal fins resemble a shark. This species can reach almost 10 feet in length.

Stand in front of the giant window in the Ocean Voyager galley and watch for this strange looking animal.

Fun Facts

  • The bowmouth guitarfish has rows of bony spikes on its head for defense.
  • The female gives birth to live young that are about 18 inches long.
  • Juveniles are brown to bluish-gray with large white spots on the back.
  • The adult can grow to a weight of about 300 pounds.
  • This species is sometimes called a “shark ray” because of its body shape.
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