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Grey snapper

Grey snapper

(Lutjanus griseus)

The grey snapper occurs in the western Atlantic from Massachusetts to Bermuda, south to Brazil, as well as throughout the Caribbean and in the Gulf of Mexico. Adults are found among coral reefs and mangroves and in estuaries. Juvenile snapper prefer the protection of sea grass beds.

This snapper can appear in a variety of colors, from grey to copper brown and reddish, with a dark stripe through its eye. Adults can reach 30 inches in total length, although individuals larger than about 8 lbs. are rare. The largest one caught weighed 18 lbs.

Look for the schools of grey snapper swimming in the Ocean Voyager gallery.

Fun Facts

  • The grey snapper is a nocturnal hunter that feeds on small fishes, shrimp, crabs, gastropods and some plankton.
  • In addition to coastal areas, it inhabits offshore waters to depths of about 590 feet.
  • The grey snapper is a popular food fish and is exploited commercially.
  • It also is a popular game fish, especially in Florida, where it is also known as a "mangrove snapper".
  • Grey snapper form large aggregations when spawning.
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