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Leopard whipray

Leopard whipray

(Himantura undulata)

The leopard whipray is found in the Indo-West Pacific in tropical inshore areas over sandy bottoms and near reefs. It can be recognized by its striking color pattern. The entire upper surface, including half of the tail, is covered in a pattern of circular brown to black rings resembling a leopard’s fur. Its tail tapers to a fine point, like a whip.

This species is ovoviviparous, meaning that the young develop from eggs that remain within the mother's body until they hatch and the young are released alive and fully formed.

Be sure to check out the leopard whipray in the Ocean Voyager exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium.

Fun Facts

  • The leopard whipray is a popular species in public aquariums because of its unique appearance.
  • The tail of this ray can be three times the length of its body.
  • This species appears as by-catch in trawl nets, deep gill nets and hook and line fisheries.
  • It is of minor commercial importance in some locations.
  • The adult leopard whipray is similar in appearance to the honeycomb stingray (Himantura uarnak).
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