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Amazon milk frog

Amazon milk frog

(Trachycephalus resinifictrix)

The Amazon milk frog is found in tropical rain forests in northern South America. It lives its entire life in the forest canopy and rarely, if ever, descends to the ground. This species is considered large for a tree frog and adults usually range in size from 2.5 to 4 inches. Males are smaller than females.

The coloration of an adult Amazon milk frog can range from dark brown with light grey or white banding, to light grey with dark brown banding. Juveniles are banded black and white. The eyes are golden in color with a black Maltese cross centered on the pupil. There is a vocal sac on each side of the head.

Look for the Amazon milk frog in green tree boa exhibit in the River Scout gallery.

Fun Facts

  • The Amazon milk frog feeds on just about any insect it can overpower and swallow.
  • The name "milk frog" refers to a poisonous white milky secretion that this frog may secrete through its skin when threatened.
  • This species is most active at night and is known for its loud vocalizations.
  • The male calls out to attract females to a water-filled tree cavity.
  • Breeding usually occurs in the rainy season with the female laying about 2,500 eggs, which hatch into tadpoles in one day.
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