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Florida pompano

Florida pompano

(Trachinotus carolinus)

The Florida pompano is a marine fish commonly found in inshore waters along the coast of the Southeastern U.S. Its body has a silver coloration and distinctive shape, with its eye located close to the mouth. The species typically travels in small schools and makes seasonal movements influenced by temperature, while local movements are influenced by tides.

The Florida pompano supports an important commercial and recreational fishery in Florida. It is the highest priced marine food fish in the U.S. and is valued by sport fishermen because of its fighting ability.

Come see the Florida pompano swimming in our Gray’s Reef habitat in the Georgia Explorer gallery.

Fun Facts

  • Adult Florida pompano generally occur in rapidly swimming schools of various sizes.
  • Juveniles are found primarily along sandy beaches exposed to wave action.
  • This species can reach over two feet in length and weights of about eight pounds.
  • It feeds primarily on shrimp, clams and small fish.
  • Recent research suggests that Florida populations of this species are being overfished.
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