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(Selene vomer)

The lookdown is found in shallow coastal waters of the western Atlantic from Maine to Uruguay, including the Gulf of Mexico. Its preferred habitat is over hard or sandy bottom areas. Juveniles occur in estuarine areas and off sandy beaches.

This fish has a unique shape. Its body is very flat and deep with a long, steep forehead and lower jaw that projects forward. It is mostly metallic in color, ranging from a bluish color dorsally and silvery throughout the rest of its body. The lookdown can grow to 16 inches in length.

See if you can pick out the lookdown in the Gray's reef exhibit in the Georgia Explorer gallery.

Fun Facts

  • The lookdown feeds on small crabs, shrimp, fish and worms.
  • It is mostly found in schools, but also can be observed in pairs or small groups.
  • Known for being a flavorful fish, it is also considered a game fish in Florida and surrounding areas.
  • The largest lookdown caught weighed almost 5 lbs.
  • Adults have elongated filaments on their secondary dorsal and anal fins.
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