Research & Conservation Beluga Whales at Georgia Aquarium

Beluga Whale Research & Conservation at Georgia Aquarium

At Georgia Aquarium, we’ve taken a leadership role in conservation and research to help protect marine mammals around the world, including beluga whales. Together with members of the zoological community, our team works hands-on to research beluga whales both in our care and in their natural habitats – both are important to ensure zoological experts know all they can to help the species globally. Show you care about the future of belugas today.

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Beluga Whales at Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium’s Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest gallery has been home to beluga whales since the Aquarium opened its doors in 2005. Millions upon millions of people have visited Georgia Aquarium and have been introduced to these magnificent and graceful belugas. These incredible whales quickly became some of the most popular animals in the Aquarium, and are favorites of our guests. For this reason, the belugas at Georgia Aquarium have become ambassadors for all marine mammals; increasing scientific knowledge and helping Aquarium staffers promote education and conservation messages on behalf of the species, while creating an important link between people and nature.

There are four belugas currently under expert human care at Georgia Aquarium- Beethoven, Maris, Grayson and Qinu. In total, there are more than 30 beluga whales in facilities accredited by AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and AMMPA (Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquarium) throughout North America, with just a little more than 200 in human care worldwide.

Beluga Whale
Delphinapterus leucas

• Born: July 28, 1994
• Gender: Female


• Born: July 31, 2008
• Gender: Female


• Born: June 26, 2007
• Gender: Male

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