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"I Do Under the Blue" at Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium and Q100's The Bert Show chose one lucky couple to receive the wedding of their dreams at the Georgia Aquarium. Holly and John were chosen to say "I Do Under the Blue" and had all the details of their day chosen by Aquarium fans and Bert Show listeners including the bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, tuxedos, invitations, cake, flowers, honeymoon and wedding bands. The Georgia Aquarium and The Bert Show also provided Holly and John with a wedding coordinator, hair and make-up, limo, photographer, videographer and live band to play at their reception. Take a look below at Drew Newman's photos of Holly and John's big day.

Here is a little more about Holly and John, taken from John's letter to The Bert Show:

"My name is John, and I am a stone and tile contractor living in Roswell. I have worked for a lot of great clients over the years, and a couple of years ago, one of those clients tried to set me up on a blind date with her babysitter named Holly. I said yes rather quickly even though I knew nothing about this girl, let alone how old she was or what she looked like (apparently, Holly took quite a bit longer to give the ok for me to call her, which I learned later down the road). Our initial conversation seemed to go well and we set up our first date for the next evening. The following afternoon, I received a message from her cancelling our date for that night. Although I understood, I had to consider that she called me to cancel our date during a time in which I told her I would be unavailable to answer my phone. I had never had anyone cancel a date with me, at least prior to meeting me. I had to get her back so I began a playful texting war with her, telling her that the guy she picked over me (joking) wouldn't be anywhere near as cool and as funny as myself. She responded with such wit and humor back that I knew we were going have a lot of fun together. We set up our second first date for that upcoming Friday and had the best date ever. I realized soon after that I had finally found the women I had been searching for. After 34 years of life, I had finally found my future wife. We got engaged last August on the craziest, but one of best, nights of my life.

Holly is my best friend and an amazing person. She is a full-time nanny, working for a wonderful family with three really cool kids. She has so much patience and grace with them that I admire her so much. She is the most polite and sincere person I have ever met and I love her more than anything. She deserves a wedding as spectacular as she is and I want to give that to her."

After hearing about Holly and John's amazing love for each other, the Georgia Aquarium and The Bert Show decided to give them the spectacular wedding that John wanted for Holly. Georgia Aquarium served as the venue, while Wolfgang Puck Catering provided all the guests with gourmet fare to dine on. Active Production & Design, Inc. and Your Event Solution provided extraordinary details that made the reception a truly memorable event.



Thank you to all of the partners that made Holly and John's dream wedding come true:



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