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The four beluga whales in expert human care at Georgia Aquarium - Beethoven, Maris, Grayson and Qinu - are beloved. As ambassadors to their species, the quartet brings marine mammal education to life, inspiring millions of Georgia Aquarium visitors to become involved in wildlife conservation, and creating an important link between people and nature.

Unfortunately, with fewer than 35 belugas in accredited aquariums in North America, this population of animals in human care is facing certain extinction. That's because there is simply not enough genetic diversity to promote healthy breeding, meaning that within a few decades, according to experts, the public will lose touch with these magnificent mammals. Don't let this happen.

Show you care about the future of belugas by signing the Caring Together for Belugas petition and learn more about what we’re doing to advocate for belugas globally.

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The connection between belugas in human care and belugas in the wild is explored in this informational graphic. Did you know that belugas can dive for up to 18 minutes to find food?

Georgia Aquarium Beluga Infographic Georgia Aquarium Beluga Infographic

Beluga Conservation Project

Georgia Aquarium's support of important field research is longstanding. The beluga whale is just one species which benefits from this support; other species include bottle-nose dolphins, sand tiger sharks and coral, as well as manta rays, South African penguins, sea turtles and whale sharks, which are all red-listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature as "vulnerable" or "endangered."

Learn More about our beluga conservation efforts and how Georgia Aquarium is making a difference around the world.