Caring Together For Animals

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Caring Together For Animals

Caring Together For Animals

Did you know that when you visit us at Georgia Aquarium you are also helping animals in the wild? On behalf of animals everywhere, Georgia Aquarium has taken a leadership role in the zoological community. Together with other members of this community, our team works hands-on to research beluga whales, African penguins, Southern sea otters, and more both in our care and in their natural environment. With your support, in order to understand these animals, numerous research initiatives have been supported or undertaken by Georgia Aquarium. Learn more about how Georgia Aquarium is making a difference around the world.

Georgia Aquarium is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to caring for all animals. Proceeds from your ticket support further research and conservation efforts for beluga whales, African penguins and many other species, both here at home and in the wild!

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