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Have you ever touched the melon-shaped head of a beluga? Stroked the skin of a stingray? Rubbed noses with a dolphin?

We invite you to share a photo or video of your most memorable up-close-and-personal moments with animals at Georgia Aquarium, whether it was today, yesterday or yesteryear. You're encouraged to share your story however you'd like -- with video and audio, photos, and/or written stories.

Highlighted Stories

Kristie Lynn Bellam

Last summer I was given the opportunity to participate in the very popular beluga whale encounter at Georgia Aquarium. It reinforced any and all feelings I had towards my studies and dreams. Being up close with these gentle giants was enough to change anyone's life. As I stepped into the frigid waters, my heart began to pound. I was about to be introduced to a two and a half ton whale.

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