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Act Now to Change the Fate of Belugas

With fewer than 35 belugas in accredited aquariums in North America, this population of animals in human care is facing certain extinction. That's because there is simply not enough genetic diversity to promote healthy breeding, meaning that within a few decades, according to experts, the public will lose touch with these magnificent mammals. Don't let this happen. In spite of great success in breeding belugas (18 of these animals were born in modern-day aquariums), there's still much scientists don't know about beluga whales - and still so much they need to learn. Sign the Caring Together for Belugas petition today to support Georgia Aquarium's request for a permit to import 18 belugas from a robust population of whales in Russia to help support the zoological community's efforts to protect and conserve the species. This program is critical to educate people about the need to protect belugas in the wild; conduct non-invasive study and observation to help conserve the species; and help sustain a healthy population of beluga whales in human care.

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