Seafood Savvy with Wolfgang Puck

"Choosing sustainable seafood is a simple and effective action that we can take every time we eat at a restaurant or buy seafood. Whether you are an individual shopping for your family, a chef buying for your restaurant, or a supplier sourcing from fishing communities, our choices count." - Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck offers only sustainable and organic products in all of his catering kitchens and restaurants. In keeping with the highest standards of the health food industry and the preservation of the environment, Wolfgang began using no hormone, antibiotic free chicken that is fed 100% certified organic feed with plenty of space to qualify as free range. Chef Puck also started using beef from sustainable ranches. By avoiding pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, sustainable ranches help the environment and preserve the quality of the beef.

Wolfgang Puck is leading the restaurant and catering industries in living WELL™. In February 2007, Chef Puck brought his WELL™ (Wolfgang’s Eat, Love and Live) philosophy to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Governors Ball. The WELL™ program celebrates local farmers, sustainable seafood and humanely treated animals; offers the most creative seasonal menus and delicious innovative tastes; provides the finest in hospitality; supplies quality products for the well-equipped kitchen at any given price point; and provides how-to information on fresh, all-natural, organic eating and dining.

Thinking WELL™, Wolfgang’s partnership with Georgia Aquarium can ensure they teach consumers how to be Seafood Savvy and make educational decisions about the seafood they purchase and consume. Chef Puck is dedicated to guaranteeing that all events at Georgia Aquarium follow the Seafood Savvy guidelines, starting with the cooking classes and recipes cards offered.