Blue Realm (Ch’ooj Ajauil)

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a misison-driven organization that is neither a part of a government nor a for-profit business. Usually set up by ordinary citizens, NGOs may be funded by governments, foundations, businesses, or private donors. 

Georgia Aquarium is committed to the protection and preservation of not only whale sharks, but of all marine life in Quintana Roo, Mexico, which is rich in marine diversity. Whale sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, billfish, corals and a multitude of other species inhabit these waters. In 2012, Georgia Aquarium and its partners created an NGO with the mission to protect this exceptional part of the aquatic world. Ch’ooj Ajauil AC and its U.S. sister group Blue Realm are dedicated to understanding the threats these animals face, educating the local population about the wildlife treasures found just off their coast, and urging the government to more effectively manage ecotourism and commercial shipping.