Dylan's Story

Dylan's Story

Dylan's Story

Released June 30, 2008

Dylan's life began on the beach of Jekyll Island, Georgia, where the hatchling straggler was rescued on August 26, 1998. The turtle was taken to the Tidelands Nature Center, where she lived for several years. After outgrowing the Tidelands Nature Center, the Georgia Aquarium partnered with Tidelands, and Dylan was moved in November 2005 to a new habitat at the Georgia Aquarium.

While at the Aquarium, Dylan was seen by more than 4.9 million guests and was a successful example of the Aquarium's 4R program (Rehabilitation, Responsibility, Rescue and Research). The 4R Program is designed to positively impact the health and well-being of aquatic life from around the world.

While at the Aquarium, Dylan's size doubled! Weighing in at close to 140 lbs and measuring more than 19.5 inches, it was time for the Georgia Aquarium to say goodbye to Dylan. Dylan was transported in May 2007 from the Georgia Aquarium to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island, where she began learning the skills needed to return to her native habitat.

On June 30, 2008, members of the Georgia Aquarium and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center partnered to release Dylan off the same coast where she was found nearly 10 years ago. Before being released, Dylan was fitted with a satellite tag, provided by Georgia Aquarium, so that the turtle's migration and behavior can be recorded and studied. It is now possible to track Dylan’s progress and see her current location.

You can help the Aquarium release more sea turtles by donating to our 4R Program! Click here to learn more.

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