Day 3

The Real Mexico

We started the day with an up close and personal encounter with dolphins at Dolphin Discovery. We were pulled, pushed and even “kissed” by these incredible animals. I don’t think anyone will ever think of Flipper the same again.

Afterward, the group took the opportunity to explore the island a little more before departing for Isla Holbox. We found the most delicious ceviche any of us had ever had, then we hit the boat to head back to Cancun. Across the turquoise expanse we went once more in an effort to reach our main destination – Isla Holbox.

The bus ride from Cancun to the docked boat that takes you to Holbox gave us a glimpse into the life that exists between the two shores. Extraordinary plant life hid many of the homes, some of which had thatched roofs. And hammocks – it seems like everyone has hammocks. Eduardo told us that hammocks are actually the first choice for sleeping and beds are second. We didn’t realize how true that was until we actually saw multiple hammocks hanging inside the homes.

On the boat ride to Holbox, we came across an amazing sight. The boat began to slow down, and then we all noticed what our captain had seen. Dorsal fins in the distance. Several of them. It was a group of dolphins. And what made this pod even more special was the two baby dolphins swimming along with them. They came within a few yards of our bobbing sea craft, close enough for us to get pictures of them.

Shortly after, our boat glided into Isla Holbox. To get us closer to the hotel, the boat passed the piers and instead threw an anchor into the sand near the front of the hotel. We rolled up our pants and hopped out of the boat into the knee-deep water and then waded up to the beach. Hotel staff helped us carry our luggage from the boat (on top of our heads so it didn’t get wet). It felt like we were on “Survivor.”

That evening, many of us decided to explore the island and find gifts to take home. None of the streets are paved, but are instead covered with sand. Golf carts are the chosen mode of transportation. And since everything is along the beach, you can get wherever you need to go by driving your golf cart down the beach, glistening ocean right beside you. That night, Eduardo directed us toward an eatery where everyone raved about lobster pizza. We found the lobster pizza, and it was absolutely amazing. Most of us agreed that we never would have thought to put lobster on a pizza, but we were glad that someone else did.

Group on boat

It took another boat ride to get from the mainland to Isla Holbox.

Hotel view

Our hotel, Villas Paraiso del Mar, had a gorgeous open lobby and was covered in beautiful flowers and greenery.

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We leave Isla Mujeres behind us as we make our way back to the mainland.


This pod was different because it included a baby dolphin.


Our hotel sat on the beach, facing this incredible shoreline.

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