Day 2

And We're Off!

Everyone arrived a little groggy at the airport for our morning flight, but once we felt the sun beaming down on us in Cancun, all was forgotten. We were in beautiful Mexico, on a quest to swim with the world's largest fish.

We arrived in Cancun, where we met our phenomenal tour guide Eduardo. From the shore, you could see Isla Mujeres, separated from Cancun by ocean the color of blue Powerade. Next to our boat was a little restaurant, where everyone found a different flavor margarita. Drinks in hand, we cut across the sea of turquoise in a boat to our hotel, the beautiful Villa Rolandi, where we were greeted with cool towels and mimosas. We dined at one of the hotel's restaurants that evening on an open deck where we watched the sunset. Bruce ran back to his room to grab his camera, but in the short time it took him to return, the sun was already gone and the sky had succumbed to pink and orange dust.


The water between Cancun and Isla Mujeres was the most striking shade of turquoise.


Iguanas were abundant along the rocky cliff of the eastern tip of the island.


The sun set while we dined outside, enjoying our first day in Mexico.

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Approaching our hotel, Villa Rolandi


Tom and Matt enjoying mimosas in the lobby.

Balcony View

Everyone had amazing views from their balconies of the Gulf of Mexico.


We all enjoyed dinner on the deck.

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