AT&T Dolphin Tales

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AT&T Dolphin Tales

AT&T Dolphin Tales

The AT&T Dolphin Tales show, a first-of-its-kind production, was more than two years in the making. An original score was recorded by a 61-piece orchestra at Sony Studios in Hollywood. Emmy-winning producers and directors, along with a team of talented individuals from TV, film and Broadway, developed the show. Some of the world's most accomplished animal trainers were recruited. Together, they have created an experience which entertains, motivates and inspires guests. 

The show incorporates the beauty and agility of dolphins, live human actors, dramatic costuming and amazing effects. This memorable story is narrated by the StarSpinner, a mysterious seafaring adventurer who leads the way through an interactive journey across the oceans and through an epic battle against villains of the ocean. It's a timeless tale of good against evil, with exhilarating performances and a powerful, enlightening subtext of the importance of caring for and about aquatic creatures.

AT&T Dolphin Tales is included in Aquarium general admission.

Show times vary daily. Please view the calendar below to verify show times for the date of your visit. 

August 2015
September 2015

Educational Dolphin Presentation

Our Educational Dolphin Presentation is a way for our guests to experience firsthand how we train our incredible dolphins at Georgia Aquarium.

With this brand new presentation, every session is different! Guests may learn how we train our dolphins to do a forward flip, or how we train some of our high-energy water work behaviors. These exciting sessions will demonstrate how we use positive reinforcement to achieve results, and how we build relationships with these amazing animals.

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