Sleep Under the Sea

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Sleep Under the Sea

Sleepover Programs

After everyone has gone home and the Aquarium has closed its doors for the night, we invite you to join us for an exciting night of adventure and exploration! Georgia Aquarium offers sleepovers for families, youth groups, schools, companies, and adults throughout the year.

All sleepovers include admission to the Aquarium on the day of your sleepover and the next day, entrance to all presentations, dinner, breakfast, guided tours and activities, and a sleeping spot in front of one of our magnificent gallery windows.

There are a number of sleepover themes that may suit your party’s needs. Feel free to give us a call at 404-581-4000 to see which sleepover program works best for you!

Group & Family Sleepovers

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Adult Sleepovers

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Scout Sleepovers

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Sleepover Dates