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Atlanta Camps: Camp H2O

Camp H2O

Camp H2O: Where Imaginations Grow
Camp H2O is an Atlanta day camp and a wonderful opportunity for kids to grow their imagination while exploring the world's most magical aquarium. Camp H2O is an exciting experience for children grades First through Fifth, offered during Spring, Summer and Winter breaks. Our programs provide campers with a unique experience that involves animal encounters, behind-the-scenes tours, opportunities to meet the animal caregivers and much more.

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2014 Winter Break Camp is currently on sale!
Hours of Operation:

  • Camp Session: 8:30AM – 4:00PM
  • Camper Drop-off: 8:00AM
  • Camper Pick-up: 4:00PM

Camp Grouping:
  • Current K-2nd Grade 20 participants max
  • Current 3rd -5th Grade 20 participants max

Winter Break Camp 2014:

  • Kindergarten - Second Grades:

  • Third - Fifth Grades:

When registering your child, please select the appropriate group for your child based on grade level.

Winter Break Camp Theme:
Winter Camp H2O is specially designed to accommodate campers that are interested in attending one or day(s) of camp or the entire week. Program themes differ by day and include visiting a variety of exhibits. However, in order to support daily themes, campers may not necessarily visit an entire gallery in one day.

Friday, December 26, 2014:


Imagine having your skeleton outside your body, or not having a skeleton at all! How would your body be shaped? How would you move around or find food? Where would you live? Through hands-on activities and interactions, campers will investigate how some of our spineless wonders move, eat, and find shelter in a watery world.
Galleries included: Coldwater Quest and Tropical Diver


Did you know that 97% of the animal species in the world do not have a backbone? Many of these spineless wonders live in our oceans, from jellies to sea stars to enormous Japanese spider crabs! How do we organize these incredibly diverse creatures? Campers will have fun while engaging in hands-on activities to explore how scientists classify such a wide variety of aquatic animals.
Galleries included: Coldwater Quest and Tropical Diver

Monday, December 29, 2014:

Grades K-2: SHARKS!!!

Are you afraid of a shark? You don’t have to be! Wipe away your fear as you discover the truth about sharks. Through life-size learning, campers will discover that the largest sharks don’t always eat the largest food.
Galleries included: Ocean Voyager

Grades 3-5: SHARKS!!!

Sharks are terrifying, right? No way! Sharks are terrific! Sometimes movies and TV can make sharks seem scary. In this program, popular myths and legends about sharks will be laid to rest. With fun games and activities, campers will explore Georgia Aquarium’s sharks and learn what makes a shark a shark, and what makes sharks so cool!
Galleries included: Ocean Voyager

Tuesday, December 30, 2014: FROM the CREEKS to the COAST

Grades K-2

Have you ever wonder where the rain goes after it falls in your backyard? It flows into creeks and streams then to rivers and finally the ocean! How does this affect sea turtles and other animals in Georgia waters? Come with us as we explore the different habitats of Georgia and discover some of the hidden wonders of our state.
Galleries included: River Scout

Grades 3-5

From a tiny spring to a roaring river, it is an incredible journey from the land to the sea. Investigate the power of water as it moves through our rivers and lakes all the way to the coast Explore some of the amazing ways animals adapt to this ever changing environment.
Galleries included: River Scout

Wednesday, December 31, 2014: TRAVEL TO THE TROPICS

Grades K-2

Explore the most diverse habitat in the ocean, the Coral Reef! Imagine a fish that looks like a bird. Why are there so many colors in the reef? Come and discover the amazing and spectacular animals that live together in these undersea neighborhoods.
Galleries included: Tropical Diver

Grades 3-5

Coral reefs are the most diverse and some of the most important ecosystems in our oceans. They need our help to keep them protected. So how do you know if a coral reef is healthy? Does it have an annual check-up with its doctor? With hands-on investigations, campers will explore what makes a healthy and diverse ecosystem for a coral reef and how we can protect it.
Galleries included: Tropical Diver

Friday, January 2, 2015: MAMMALS, REPTILES AND BIRDS, OH MY!

Grades K-2

Do turtles really have cold blood? Why do otters need so much fur? And why do alligators lay in the sun? Discover where our mammals and reptiles live, what they eat, and how they stay warm in their different habitats.
Galleries included: Coldwater Quest and River Scout

Grades 3-5

Does temperature really matter? Why are there no snakes at the North Pole? How would you stay warm in the Arctic Ocean? Investigate the different adaptations that Beluga whales, sea turtles, and other warm and cold-blooded creatures have to help them maintain their body temperature.
Galleries included: Coldwater Quest and River Scout

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