Georgia Aquarium 2013 Research Symposium

Research and Conservation

Georgia Aquarium 2013 Research Symposium: Feb. 28-Mar. 1, 2013

Staff and academic partners of Georgia Aquarium have been conducting scientific research relevant to the aquarium’s living collection since before the aquarium opened in November, 2005. In just over seven years since, a remarkable amount of scientific progress has been made for such diverse species as corals, dolphins, manta rays and whale sharks. Please join us at our 2013 Research Symposium when we gather together as a scientific community for the first time to review recent research milestones, and to consider the exciting future scientific possibilities of this exceptional aquatic collection.

Schedule of presentations

For more information and to RSVP contact Julie Griffis via email:, or by phone: 404-581-4134. This event is open to qualified and interested participants, but please RSVP to Julie in order to attend.

Attendees please enter the Aquarium through the Ballroom Entrance located on the 1st floor of the parking garage. Guests will not be able to access the ballroom from the front entrance.





To RSVP contact Julie Griffis via email:, or by phone: 404-581-4134



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