Celebrate Whale Shark Day at Georgia Aquarium

Celebrate International Whale Shark Day

Saturday, August 30

Whale sharks are slow-moving filter feeding sharks and the largest known fish species in the world. The largest confirmed whale shark was over 40 feet long and weighed over 47,000 pounds. That’s an animal worth celebrating!

Theater Window; Ocean Voyager Built by The Home Depot

  • Narrated Whale Shark Feeding with Dr. Al Dove, Director of Research and Conservation


  • Whale Shark Plinko Trivia Game
  • Pin the Satellite Tag on the Whale Shark
  • Whale Shark Scavenger Hunt
  • “Spot” the Difference in the Whale Sharks
  • How your Thumbprint is like a Whale Shark’s Spots
  • Measure the length of a whale shark’s mouth
  • Domino, Georgia Aquarium’s whale shark mascot
  • “Changing Seas” activity table
  • Coloring, activities and more!

12:00pm and 4:30pm

  • Explore! Puppets on Parade featuring a 17 foot whale shark puppet!

4D Theater, Level 2

  • Atlanta Premiere of “Changing Seas” whale shark episode, “Biggest Fish in the Sea.” Watch as producers follow Georgia Aquarium’s own Dr. Al Dove and fellow conservationists as they conduct important research in Mexico with whale sharks!
  • Q&A with Dr. Al Dove and series producer Alexa Elliott after the program.

Changing Seas



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