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Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies?
Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies is an exciting way to see the creatures of the sea in a brand new way. This new Georgia Aquarium exhibit is the world’s largest collection of “plastinated sea creatures” that give guests the opportunity to view exotic ocean animals from small tropical fish to a whale shark, the largest fish in the world.

What will guests see?
This could be guests only chance to see an 18-foot, 3,000 pound whale shark up close—inside and out. In addition to the whale shark, more than 18 full-body sea creatures will be on display, along with more than 150 individual organs and smaller specimens. There’s a 6-foot ray, 15-foot mako shark and more.

Are these animals real or artificial?
The animals exhibited in Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies are authentic fish and invertebrates. The creatures are opened up by layers to reveal the inner workings, including nerves and muscles. They were preserved through a process called polymer plastination.

What is polymer plastination?
What prevents the decay of the animals on display? The bodies on display are prevented from decay by a means of a rubberization process that replaces water and fatty material in the cells of the body first by acetone and then by plastics, such as silicone rubber, polyester or epoxy resin.

Were these animals on exhibit at Georgia Aquarium when they were alive?
No. Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies is a travelling exhibit that we are excited to present during its time in Atlanta. Having these animals present is a first for Georgia Aquarium and a fairly new model for the exhibition industry that closely mirrors the popular Bodies exhibit of real human anatomy.

How were the animals collected?
All specimens in the exhibition have been carefully recovered in accordance with the highest animal protection standards.

Are there any live animals?
No, there are no live animals included within this exhibition.

Why is this exhibition unique or interesting?
Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies gives guests the opportunity to see some of the largest sea creatures on land. It is probably the closest guests will ever get to sharks, animals at the top of the food chain, without fearing for their lives.

What is the goal of the exhibition?
The goal of this exhibition is to give people an opportunity to explore the depths of a place we cannot otherwise go. In this presentation, Georgia Aquarium also aims to bring excitement to the unknown while creating a greater connection to the ocean.

How long will the exhibit be at Georgia Aquarium?
Sea Monsters Revealed makes its splash debut on September 27 and will be available for a limited time only.

Where was the exhibit before its arrival at Georgia Aquarium?
Sea Monsters Revealed made its debut at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa, FL, where it was on display from March 9 – September 2 of this year.

Who created the exhibit?
Sea Monsters Revealed is a created with the cooperation of the following organizations:
Dalian Hoffen Biotechnique Co. Ltd, based in Dalian, China, under the direction of Dr. Hong-Jin Sui
Base Entertainment of Houston Texas
Atlanta based KRE8 360
The specimens and creative design were primarily provided by Hoffen Laboratories
Georgia Aquarium played an integral role in designing the educational content and the teaching elements of the displays

How long does it take to see?
20 minutes.

Are pictures allowed?
Guests are welcomed to take photos, however flash photography is prohibited.

Is there an additional cost to view this exhibition?

No, there is no additional cost to access Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies. The ability to view this new exhibit is included I with the purchase of a Georgia Aquarium Total Ticket.

Do guests need to make reservations?
Reservations are not required. Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodies is an open access exhibit that guests can visit any time during opening hours.

Is the exhibit wheelchair and stroller accessible?



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