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Emmy Award-Winning Host Jeff Corwin Returns This Fall with the Third Season of Aquatic Adventure Wildlife Series Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin from Georgia Aquarium

Season Three of “Ocean Mysteries With Jeff Corwin from Georgia Aquarium” Premieres on ABC Affiliates Nationwide on Saturday, October 5

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ATLANTA – Wildlife biologist, conservationist and Emmy Award-winner Jeff Corwin once again gives viewers an exclusive frontline look at the battle being waged to save our oceans and the species that call the deep blue sea home with new episodes of the ground-breaking marine wildlife series “Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin from Georgia Aquarium.” From his home base at the renowned Georgia Aquarium, Jeff continues to explore new aquatic frontiers and inspire viewers to embrace environmental stewardship when season three premieres on ABC-TV affiliates across the country on Saturday, October 5.

During each of the 26 original adventure-packed episodes, Jeff takes his audience on an exhilarating, fun and informative journey of our planet’s vast marine habitats in the spirit of discovery, exploration and conservation.

Jeff and a global scientific and conservation team made up of Georgia Aquarium biologists and other experts explore the wild frontier and focus on urgent conservation challenges in all four corners of the globe -- from Africa to the Arctic, Australia, Asia and everywhere in-between – bringing the wonderment, mystery and rare discoveries from remote locations around the world to living rooms across America and beyond.

From encounters with 5,000-pound Steller sea lions, to repairing a sea turtle’s injured shell and releasing it back into the wild, to saving an endangered sea otter or restoring an imperiled coral reef, Jeff and the “Ocean Mysteries” crew excite, entertain and inform more than two million viewers each week.

“To have another season, another opportunity to reach such a huge audience with ‘Ocean Mysteries’ is beyond thrilling,” said Corwin. “The information we share about, and awareness we bring to ocean and wildlife conservation issues that affect all of us in the end is something I take very seriously. No other television series provides viewers with the cutting-edge approach to animal conservationist-based research that we do.” Corwin added, “I am proud to be part of this historic program and I hope to inspire the next generation of conservationists and wildlife biologists to carry the torch of stewardship forward.”

In addition to being one of the top-rated wildlife and nature series on television today, "Ocean Mysteries" also consistently scores the highest ratings during its Saturday morning time block and on average reaches more than two million viewers each week. “Ocean Mysteries” is also making television history as the first marine-based TV series broadcasted nationally since the critically acclaimed series “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau,” which debuted over four decades ago.

“Ocean Mysteries” is created in partnership with Georgia Aquarium and Litton Entertainment and is a featured program in Litton’s Weekend Adventure Saturday morning programming block.

During season three of “Ocean Mysteries,” Jeff and the crew travel to:

  • Vancouver – Jeff and researchers from the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Aquarium investigate the mystery of what allows Steller sea lions to dive deeper than any other pinnipeds in the world

  • Curacao – Jeff works with researchers from SECORE and Georgia Aquarium to witness a rare coral spawning event and collect samples to propagate future generations of coral and ultimately help save the species. Jeff also boards a manned submersible vehicle to reach a depth of 2,000 feet in an underwater adventure not to be missed.

  • Cayman Islands – Jeff and renown and iconic Cayman artist and conservationist Guy Harvey, along with nutrition and veterinary teams from Georgia Aquarium, swim in a living soup of sting rays with the hope to solve the mystery of their decline

  • Laguna Beach – As news coverage tallied record numbers of sea lion pups perishing off the coast of California, Jeff travels to the west coast to investigate the phenomenon and ends up enamored with one special pup who is on the mend

  • Hawaii – In Oahu, Jeff learns how to use highly technical “rebreather” equipment from the island’s top scientific deep sea diver in order to attempt a dangerous dive to unprecedented depths of nearly 300 feet below the surface in search of new species of fish, then learns more about the fascinating local predators, the Six-gill and the Galapagos sharks, as he dives to unprecedented depths of nearly 300 feet in search of new species.

  • New Zealand – Jeff and his team travel to the land of Kiwis for the adventure of a life-time to help save the critically endangered Kiwi, as well as other rare species including fairy penguins and giant albatross.

  • The Pacific Deep – Jeff ventures to the deep dark waters off the Pacific Northwest coast in search of the rare opportunity to come face-to-face with the giant pacific octopus

  • The California Coast – Jeff and an elite team of scientists embark on an odyssey to tag and track the largest of all creatures on earth – the giant blue whale

  • Tahiti – TBD

  • South Africa – TBD

Review copies of episodes of “Ocean Mysteries” are available upon request. To schedule press or media interviews with Jeff Corwin, please contact Barb Cvrkel at barb@jeffcorwinconnect.com or 301.919.6669

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