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• This male carries the eggs in a brood pouch which is located under its tail until the eggs hatch. Who am I? (Tropical Diver)

• This marine mammal is nicknamed "sea canary" because of the many sounds it produces. At least eleven different vocalizations have been documented. Who am I? (Cold Water Quest)

• This animal has five times as many eyes as a human and its mouth in the middle of its legs. An extract in its blood is used by the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to test their products for contamination. Who Am I? (GA Explorer)

• This is the largest fish in the ocean and although it has a four foot wide mouth, it eats the smallest animals in the ocean. Who am I? (Ocean Voyager)

• There are approximately 300 of these marine mammals left in the world, who migrate to the waters off the coast of Georgia in the winter to give birth to their calves. Who am I? (GA Explorer)

• This animal pulsates when moving through the water and is the principal food source for leatherback sea turtles and other marine animals. Many marine animals die every year ingesting floating plastic bags which they have mistaken for this animal. Who am I? (Tropical Diver)

• This animal is found in a river in Georgia, this animal was thought to be extinct and rediscovered in 1991. Who am I? (GA Explorer)

• This intelligent animal has a well developed brain, been able to solve mazes very quickly, and can unscrew jar lids to retrieve food inside. Who am I? (Cold Water Quest)

• This carnivore is an animal that feeds on mollusks, fish, frogs, crabs, and other crustaceans. It immediately consumes its catch, digests its food quickly and is hungry soon after feeding because of its rapid metabolism. This also explains its energetic nature. Who am I? (River Scout)