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Creative Connections: A Georgia Aquarium Writing Initiative

In an effort to support your writing goals we are pleased to introduce our Aquarium Writing Initiative. This initiative gives students the ability to express how they feel about our animals as well as learn from them. This web-based project will help students develop their writing skills in a unique manner while providing you (the teacher) with a creative assessment tool.

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Creative Connections: A Georgia Aquarium Writing Initiative

In life, lasting memories are forged in firsthand experiences: flying to the moon, an African safari, riding rapids on a hot summer day and exploring vibrant coral reefs are just some of countless once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Most of us, of course, will not experience all these events in our lives. Instead, we are fortunate enough to explore space on television, go to a local zoo, run through a sprinkler in our backyard or visit Georgia Aquarium. These occasions all have unique impacts on individuals.

Georgia Aquarium provides guests of all ages the world’s most engaging aquatic experience. On a daily basis, patrons get up close and personal with beluga whales, watch whale sharks feed on some of the ocean’s smallest species and engross themselves in the stories of our rescued sea otters.

Students now have the opportunity to share their Georgia Aquarium experiences through writing!

Every other month we will be posting a new topic for students to write about. How students want to write is up to them. Style can range from narrative stories to technical pieces or even persuasive essays.

After a review process, we will post the submissions in the Research and Conservation section of the Georgia Aquarium website, so students can share their work with others. Once the work is posted, we encourage students to peer review the work of others to further enhance their writing skills.

Thank you for your support of our conservation efforts and we hope this writing experience continues to build on the connections you and your students have made with our animals.

Topics will be open for a 4-6 week period.

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