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    Special Event: Sharks After Dark

    It’s time for a thrilling sneak peek of our newest gallery with extended hours, exclusively for our 21+ guests.

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    All New: Shark & Ray Immersion

    Suit up and get in the water with some of our sharks and rays in this newest animal interaction.

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    All New: Shark Cage Dive

    Don a wetsuit and venture into the deep with some of our most fearsome sharks in this new animal interaction

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  • Sep 30

    Storytime – Flip and Flop

      Storytime with Georgia Aquarium provides a fun and interactive learning environment for children of all ages. Join...

  • Oct 1

    Education Webinar with Carlos Museum

    A Deeper Dive into the Art and Biology of Whale Sharks Educators from the Carlos Museum and the Georgia Aquarium lead kids...

  • Oct 2

    Field Trip Friday Flashback

    We’ve teamed up with other ATL organizations to bring fun and educational content right to you at home every Friday!...

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SHARKS! Predators of the Deep
— Opening Fall 2020

Home to one of the most misunderstood species in the ocean — sharks — our latest expansion is nearly complete. From the thrilling Shark Cage Dive to the Shark & Ray Immersion experience, this new gallery has it all.

Get Original Works of Art By Our Amazing Animals

Many of our animals possess a playful and curious nature. As part of our daily enrichment program, some of them spend their time expressing themselves through art. For the first time ever, you can purchase one of these memorable pieces. Your purchase supports the ongoing work we do to care for these animals and animals around the globe. 

Visit Today | Georgia Aquarium | Located in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia 148

Creative Kids Art Gallery

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Visit Today | Georgia Aquarium | Located in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia 2

Whale Shark

Scientific Name
Rhincodon typus
Conservation Status
The whale shark is the biggest fish in the sea

Manta Ray

Scientific Name
Mobula sp. cf. birostris
Conservation Status
Manta rays have been spotted jumping clear of the water – it is not known whether this behavior serves a social purpose, or is done to dislodge parasite from the skin

White Spotted Jelly

Scientific Name
Phyllorhiza punctata
Conservation Status
Not Evaluated
A large group of jellies is called a smack
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