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Copper rockfish

Copper rockfish

(Sebastes caurinus)

The copper rockfish is found in the eastern Pacific from the Gulf of Alaska to central Baja California, Mexico. It occurs in coastal waters, including shallow protected bays and inlets, among rocks and kelp beds, as well as around pilings and jetties. This species also is encountered in offshore areas to depths of about 600 feet.

The copper rockfish is viviparous like other species in the genus, Sebastes. The female gives birth to planktonic larvae. Spawning takes place between February and May.

The copper rockfish is one of the many species of rockfish in the Cold Water Quest gallery.

Fun Facts

  • The copper rockfish can grow to almost two feet in length.
  • Its dorsal and anal spines are mildly venomous.
  • This species is a popular sport fish.
  • Juveniles form loose aggregations in weedy, shallow bays and around wharves.
  • The copper rockfish is believed to live as long as 55 years.
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