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Black blotched fantail ray

Black blotched fantail ray

(Taeniura meyeni)

The black blotched fantail ray is found in the Indo-West Pacific from the Red Sea and East Africa to southern Japan, Micronesia and tropical Australia. It occurs on or near coral reefs in a variety of habitats, usually at depths less than about 200 feet.


This is a large ray with a distinctive black and white mottled coloration on its upper surface and a light colored underbody. It can reach almost 10 feet in disc width and weigh 330 lbs.


Look for this large, dark-colored ray swimming in the Ocean Voyager gallery.

Fun Facts

  • The female black blotched fantail ray gives birth to live young.
  • The young are about 13 inches in width when born.
  • This ray blows water out of its mouth to stir up bottom sediment to reveal its prey.
  • It feeds on bivalves, crabs and shrimp, as well as bottom fishes.
  • Commercial fishermen capture this ray for its meat and cartilage.
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