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Crimson snapper

Crimson snapper

(Lutjanus erythropterus)

The crimson snapper is an Indo-Pacific species that can be found from the Gulf of Oman to Southeast Asia, northward to southern Japan and southward to northern Australia. This species prefers to swim among offshore reefs and over hard or sandy substrates. Juveniles occur in shallow water.

Its color ranges from bronze-red to bright red, with larger more mature fish appearing darker. There is a scarlet patch between the eyes and juveniles have an oblique band that extends from the mouth to the dorsal fin.

Look for the crimson snapper in the tunnel of the Ocean Voyager gallery.

Fun Facts

  • The crimson snapper forages mostly at night and preys primarily on small fish.
  • It can grow to almost 3 feet in length and weigh 22 lbs.
  • This species is harvested commercially and also is raised in aquaculture facilities.
  • The crimson snapper in the Georgia Aquarium were cultured in Taiwan.
  • It is called the "crimson seaperch" in Australia.
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