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(Anisotremus virginicus)

The porkfish occurs in the western Atlantic from Florida to Brazil, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. It is abundant in Florida, especially in the keys. This species is most commonly encountered in shallow, in-shore waters over reefs and rocky bottoms. Juveniles are common on seagrass beds. Adults can grow to 14 inches in length.

The porkfish is named for the grunting sound that it can make using its teeth and swim bladder. It is in the same family (Haemulidae) as the grunts, which are also known for producing this type of sound.

Watch for schools of these distinctively colored fish in the Ocean Voyager habitat.

Fun Facts

  • The porkfish is relatively unafraid of divers and often can be closely approached.
  • Young porkfish pick parasites from the skin of larger fish.
  • In Florida, the porkfish are often seen swimming in large inactive schools over reefs in daylight. In other areas it is more solitary.
  • This species is a good game fish for light tackle.
  • It is considered an introduced species in Bermuda.
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