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Spotted eagle ray

Spotted eagle ray

(Aetobatus narinari)

The spotted eagle ray is distributed worldwide in tropical and warm temperate seas. This is one of the most beautiful rays with its distinctive pattern of small, whitish spots covering its back and its long slender tail. It is commonly observed in bays and over coral reefs and occasionally seen in estuarine habitats. In open waters, this ray often forms large schools that swim close to the surface. If pursued by a predator, it will jump completely out of the water.

This species feeds on benthic invertebrates and fish that it uncovers while probing in the sediments with its broad, shovel-shaped snout. Spotted eagle ray populations are declining in many areas largely due to incidental capture by commercial fisheries (by-catch).

Stop in the Ocean Voyager theater and watch this beautiful ray gracefully swim past.

Fun Facts

  • The tail of the spotted eagle ray can reach lengths 2½ to 3 times that of its body width.
  • This ray can grow to a total length of 29 feet, including its tail. It can weigh over 500 lbs.
  • There are two to six spines located at the base of its tail.
  • Females give live birth to 2 to 4 pups, which are 7 to 14 inches wide.
  • The spotted eagle ray is harvested for its meat and cartilage in some areas.
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