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Tasseled wobbegong

Tasseled wobbegong

(Eucrossurhinus dasypogon)

The tasseled wobbegong is a bottom-dwelling shark found in the shallow coastal areas and reefs in parts of Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia. It has a distinctive shape with a flattened body and head and broad pectoral and pelvic fins. There is a crescent-shaped spiracle behind each eye.

The coloration and intricate mottled pattern on this wobbegong’s body make it almost disappear against the reef bottom. A fringe of branching skin flaps run around its mouth to obscure the outline of its head. It can even change color, over several days time, to adjust to environmental conditions.

Come to Ocean Voyager and see if you can spot these hidden ambush hunters!

Fun Facts

  • This wobbegong is an ambush predator that lies in wait on the bottom.
  • It preys upon bottom fish and invertebrates that wander into striking distance.
  • This species is ovoviviparous, meaning the young develop in the female’s uterus and are born fully formed.
  • The tasseled wobbegong is listed as “near threatened” on the IUCN Red List.
  • The name “wobbegong” is derived from an Austrialian aboriginal word. Its exact meaning is unknown.
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