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Loggerhead sea turtle

Loggerhead sea turtle

(Caretta caretta)

The loggerhead sea turtle is found in shallow coastal waters in tropical and warm temperate seas all over the world. This sea turtle has powerful jaws so it can crush the hard-shelled, bottom-dwelling invertebrates such as conchs, clams, crabs, shrimp, oysters and horseshoe crabs that make up its prey.

The loggerhead has been swimming in the oceans for millions of years, dating back to before the time of the dinosaurs. It spends its entire life in the ocean except for the nesting season when the females crawl onto beaches to lay eggs in a nest scooped from the sand. The hatchlings emerge from the nest after 45 to 60 days and make their way to the ocean. Very little is known about where the young turtles spend their early lives.

Georgia Aquarium is proud to have been part of rehabilitating and releasing sea turtles back to the sea! Click here to learn more about these turtles' stories and to see videos and photos of their release!

Be sure to stop by and see the loggerhead sea turtle in the Gray’s Reef exhibit in the Georgia Explorer gallery.

Fun Facts

  • The loggerhead sea turtle was named for its large head.
  • It may live 100 years and grow to weigh as much as 350 lbs.
  • About 90 per cent of loggerheads that nest in the U. S. do so on beaches in Florida. Some also nest in Georgia.
  • The loggerhead nesting season in Florida extends from April to early September.
  • Young loggerhead sea turtles consume jellies.
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