Instructor-Led Program

Our engaging instructor-led programs provide focused learning opportunities where students can ask questions, collaborate and problem solve with the guidance of our Georgia Aquarium Educators.

Please see below for information and details on our Pre-K Instructor-Led Program:

  • Pre-K Eco Explorers

Pre-K Eco Explorers


What do animals need to survive, and where do they live? How does this compare to humans? All animals share the same basic needs, and those needs can be the same or different from humans. Throughout this program, students will compare and contrast the basic needs of animals to us and understand how they survive in different habitats. In addition, students will identify how they can play a part in protecting the world’s oceans!

Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards Addressed:

CD-SC3.4a Observes, explores and describes a variety of plants and animals. Describes their basic needs and life cycles of living things.

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