Certified Autism Center

Georgia Aquarium has become the first aquarium to be designated a Certified Autism Center. This title is granted by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). Essentially, this new certification means that any visitors on the autism spectrum or with other sensory disorders can enjoy the best possible visit that caters to their needs. To achieve this, the Aquarium Guest Experience, Training, and Education teams had to train a minimum of 80% of our front-line staff and volunteers on working with guests on the spectrum – while maintaining certain facility options for this demographic as well.

Georgia Aquarium will now be listed on IBCCES website AutismTravel.com, a free online source for parents and caregivers that lists certified destinations.

Certified Autism Center

Available at Georgia Aquarium

  • Expedited entrances

    Expedited entrance lines are available at our general admission ticket purchase line, our security line, and at both of our live presentations in the Truist Pier 225 sea lion gallery and in the Dolphin Coast theater.

  • Sensory bags

    Free sensory bags are equipped with noise canceling headsets, sunglasses for those sensitive to light, a pair of fidget devices and an “I need/I feel” card, which may be used to help nonverbal individuals communicate with staff. Individuals may also add a weighted lap pad and/or a bouncy band for chairs to their kit when checking out the sensory bag. Sensory bags can be checked out at our Point of Sales desk located at our main entrance or at our Information Desk located in the main atrium.

  • Designated quiet zones

    Designated quiet zones have been established throughout the Aquarium for families to use to help individuals decompress. These areas may be identified on the Aquarium map and via signage.

We are thrilled to be leading the zoo and aquarium industry through our commitment to making our facility friendly for families with children on the spectrum.

Anthony Rivera Vice President of Guest Experience and Hospitality
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