Located in Marineland, Florida, on the same campus as Georgia Aquarium’s Marineland Dolphin Adventure, Georgia Aquarium Conservation Field Station (GACFS) is dedicated to rescue and recovery efforts of large marine life in the waters of north Florida as well as research and community outreach.

Georgia Aquarium Conservation Field Station (GACFS) is a member of the National Marine Fisheries Service Marine Mammal Stranding Network, which allows the Station to work with a variety of government agencies and non-profit institutions in response to large animal strandings or distress calls. The GACFS team provides field assistance, necropsy support, and sample collection and processing. The team has extensive experience with large baleen whales, and with smaller toothed whale species including bottlenose dolphins, manatees and sea turtles.

GACFS participates in a semi-annual photo identification survey that documents resident bottlenose dolphins in northern Florida, which allows researchers to keep detailed records of population numbers and injuries from predators and boat interaction.

With school outreach courses, camp programs and a large visibility at community events, GACFS also has a passion for communicating to Floridians the importance of protecting the exceptional natural habitat in their backyard, reaching every school in Flagler County and many in neighboring St. Johns County.

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