Florida Dolphin Rescue

Florida Dolphin Rescue

Earlier this year, Georgia Aquarium Conservation Field station staff joined the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and members of the SeaWorld Orlando Rescue Team in the rescue of a female sub-adult Atlantic bottlenose dolphin in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. After determining that a rescue and rehabilitation attempt was possible despite the animal’s life-threatening injuries, the decision was made to transport the dolphin to SeaWorld Orlando’s Cetacean Rehabilitation Facility for further evaluation and rehabilitation.

After an initial veterinary exam and treatment, the dolphin was found to have sustained multiple shark bite wounds to her body and right pectoral flipper and had developed pneumonia. The SeaWorld Rescue Team has been providing the dolphin with around-the-clock care as she continues to gain strength and energy. She is now swimming and eating well, and recent examinations have shown that the wounds are healing and the pneumonia is improving. The SeaWorld Rescue Team will continue to provide further treatment and is cautiously optimistic that her condition will continue to improve enough for release in the future.

Georgia Aquarium Conservation Field Station is proud to support rescue efforts for dolphins and other marine mammals in northeast Florida.

SeaWorld Orlando and Georgia Aquarium Assist Dolphin Attacked by Shark

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