Rescue & Rehabilitation

Rescue & Rehabilitation

Rescue and Rehabilitation

Rescue – California Sea Lions
As part of Georgia Aquarium’s mission to rescue and rehabilitate marine life, we have been able to assist in the treatment of stranded sea lion pups along the coast of California. These sea lions are part of California’s unusual mortality event (UME), during which more than 3,000 starving sea lion pups have been found stranded. The unprecedented number of strandings is most likely due to a dramatic shift in the availability of prey, such as sardines. As nursing sea lion mothers travel farther from their pups to find food, these young sea lions are unable to fend for themselves and wash ashore due to starvation. Two pups that were affected by the UME and that were deemed unrealeasable are now being welcomed into our permanent care at Georgia Aquarium.

Rehabilitation – Sea Turtles
Through Georgia Aquarium's rehabilitation efforts, we are able to rehabilitate and release loggerhead sea turtles back into their natural habitats. We are also able to provide satellite tagging for turtles, which allows them to be tracked after their release. Learn more about Georgia Aquarium's efforts and track released turtles.

Rescue – Southern Sea Otters
Georgia Aquarium is committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of stranded Southern sea otter pups off the coasts of California and Alaska. Only 25% of pups survive the first year, and when pups are separated from their mothers, the odds of survival drastically change. By working with groups like The Alaska SeaLife Center and Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter and Research Conservation programs, we are able to aid in the rescue of sea otter pups and rehabilitate them in our newly renovated Southern sea otter exhibit in Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest.

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