Sunny and Ada Lee's Story

Sunny and Ada Lee's Story

Sunny and Ada Lee

Rescued February 2010 - Released July 14, 2010

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Sunny - Sunny is named in honor of SunTrust Banks, presenting sponsor of the Georgia Explorer gallery at the Georgia Aquarium. Sunny is one of the five turtles rescued during February's cold stun, which were rehabilitated back to health at Georgia Aquarium's quarantine facility. Thanks to our partners at SunTrust and to our 4R donors, we are able to participate in a rehabilitation and release program with Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

Ada Lee - Ada Lee is named in honor of Ada Lee and Pete Correll, benefactors of The Correll Center of Aquatic Animal Health at the Georgia Aquarium. Through their generosity, Georgia Aquarium is home to the first integrated veterinary Ph.D. program in a zoo or aquarium. This dedicated veterinary services area in Georgia Aquarium allows our team and students from UGA's College of Veterinary Medicine the opportunity to learn at the world's most magical aquarium. To learn more about The Correll Center, participate in a Behind the Scenes Tour on your next visit.