Caring Together for Whales and Dolphins

Caring Together for Whales and Dolphins

Conserving Beluga Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins

Conservation is at the core of our mission and passion. As a global leader in marine research and conservation, we remain steadfast in our commitment to contribute to wildlife sustainability through:

  • Education initiatives inspiring others to conserve the species and its natural habitat
  • Participating in cooperative breeding and research programs among North America’s accredited zoological institutions, applying known and successful practices to build a sustainable population
  • Conservation and research of animals in human care and their natural environment
  • Sharing our knowledge and experiences with the international scientific and conservation community

Our staff expertise, facilities and resource support and funding has advanced more than 100 marine conservation programs over the past decade. Two primary marine mammal conservation programs in which Georgia Aquarium participates include Bristol Bay Beluga Project in Alaska and the Health and Environmental Risk Assessment (HERA) for Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in Florida.

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