Caring Together for Sea Otters

Caring Together for Sea Otters

Caring Together for Southern Sea Otters

We can all agree that sea otters are adorable. With thick fur, engaging personalities and a love for playfulness, they‘re always a hit with people. But while we all love them, they need our help more than our admiration.

Southern sea otters (Enhydra lutris nereis) like Oz, Brighton, Bixby and Cruz are currently listed on the U.S. Endangered Species Act as “threatened” and under the Marine Mammal Protection Act as “depleted.” According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the most recent sea otter census showed a continued downward trend in the number of both adults and pups in California.

At Georgia Aquarium, we're doing our part to help by educating our guests about sea otters and the dangers they face in the wild. Some of the biggest threats to their survival include entanglement in marine debris and commercial fishing nets, oil spills and predation from killer whales and great white sharks, but with research and safer fishing practices, we can help them thrive in the wild.

Did you know that when you visit us at Georgia Aquarium, you are helping animals in the wild? As a non-profit organization, Georgia Aquarium is dedicated to caring for animals. Proceeds from your ticket support research and conservation efforts for southern sea otters and many other species, both here at the Aquarium and in the wild.

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