Earth Day Has Gone Virtual

April 22, 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Earth Day is more important than ever and though this year’s celebration may look different than those in the past, there is still so much you can do to learn, advocate and help our beautiful planet.

Earth Day Fun Facts:

  • Purpose: Empower individuals with the information, the tools, the messaging and the communities needed to make an impact and drive change.
  • Founder: Gaylord Nelson
  • First Earth Day: April 22, 1970
  • 2020 Theme: Climate Action
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How You Can Help From Home

  • Pick up local litter

    One of the most popular Earth Day activities doesn’t have to be put on hold because you’re at home! Take a walk around your neighborhood and pick up trash as you go.

  • Share on social media

    Show your support for Earth Day by posting an educational video on your social media feed with an environmentally-conscious message that you’re passionate about!

  • Change your AC filter

    As the weather warms up, changing your AC filter could help reduce your carbon footprint (and your electric bill!). How? Dirty filters force your furnace to strain and use more energy to keep your home cool.

  • Donate instead of tossing

    Spring cleaning may help declutter your home, but do you ever think about where everything in your “toss pile” ends up? Try donating any clothes and home goods you plan to get rid of to keep them out of landfills.

  • Use efficient lights

    When you need to use lights at home, be a smart consumer and use CFLs or LED bulbs. This easy swap from inefficient incandescent bulbs can decrease your energy usage by up to 70%.

  • Be smart when washing

    When it comes time to wash your clothes, two small changes could have a big environmental impact. Save energy by washing in cold water and hanging your clothes to dry – it's that easy!

Social Media Challenge

Help us celebrate by drawing a picture to show some Earth love and tell us what you’re doing to help our planet!
Use the hashtag #EarthDay and tag us @GeorgiaAquarium on Facebook and/or Instagram.

Earth Day Education

Our Education Department loves teaching, sharing, and showing real life scenarios that help students of all ages learn about the sea and its many creatures. Check out these episodes of Deep Sea Learning that relate to Earth Day!

Solutions to Pollution
WatchStudy Guide

Turtles Dig the Dark
WatchStudy Guide

Oil Spills
Watch Study Guide



Deep Sea Learning with Georgia Aquarium's Education Department

Show Our Planet Some Love

Get creative and color our Earth Day coloring page!

“Our goal is not just an environment of clean air and water and scenic beauty. The objective is an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all other human beings and all other living creatures.”

Gaylord Nelson Founder of Earth Day

Map Coral Reefs with NASA

NeMO-Net Single Player Game
Help NASA classify and map 3D images of real coral reefs – all from your mobile device! The images are provided via satellite and are taken with “fluid lens” cameras for a crystal clear picture. As you move up levels, you’ll be helping the supercomputer at NASA’s Ames Research Center to “learn” how to classify coral on its own!
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Climate Action

Planting a forest could help prevent the next pandemic.

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