Aquatic Activities: Save Our Seas morning session

May 26

Aquatic Activities: Save Our Seas

Aquatic activities is a specialized interactive live experience led by Georgia Aquarium educators. This program will inspire homeschool and other general public students to help protect our oceans through awareness of environmental issues and stewardship. The program will be offered once a month on the last Wednesday for the rest of the school year (March 2021 to May 2021). This program experience will last up to two hours in length per time slot with two time slots available (10:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-3:00pm).

Topic: Save Our Seas

Description: The ocean holds around 70% of the world’s water and sustains over half of the world’s living organisms. It is responsible for supplying more oxygen than all of the rainforests combined. Today our oceans are facing issues like pollution, rising global temperatures, and overfishing. Join us during this session to learn about how you can help save our oceans and make a difference for the future.

Ticket Includes

With your purchase, you will receive a link to access this scheduled program. 

The program will begin promptly at the designated start time and will last up to two hours. Please log in a few minutes early to link you receive in your confirmation email before the program start time to ensure there are no issues. This program does require Zoom access. 

For the program, we recommend that you have your camera on and directed toward each student per camera so that Georgia Aquarium educators may interact with your students throughout the session. Student questions and involvement are highly encouraged. 

We look forward to SEA-ing you!

Aquatic Activities: Biting Back for Conservation
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