International Whale Shark Day

Aug 30

A Whale (Shark) of a Time!

Whale sharks are the largest fish on earth, so it makes sense that there is a day dedicated to celebrating them. International Whale Shark Day is special for Georgia Aquarium. When we first opened our doors over 16 years ago, the world knew very little about whale sharks; now, whale sharks are one of the best-studied sharks and a lot of that comes from caring for them at the Aquarium where our researchers have the rare opportunity to study them every day.

We're Making a Difference

Being the only aquarium in the Western Hemisphere that cares for them, our whale sharks are incredible ambassadors for their species. Seeing them in person, it is impossible not to be affected by their presence, which is truly influential in educating our guests to understand the importance of advocating for these endangered sharks.

Let's Celebrate!

Join us for International Whale Shark Day to witness and celebrate these gentle giants in person. We will have special activities throughout the day, included with general admission.

Animal Fact

Every whale shark has a unique spot pattern.

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