World Ocean Day

Jun 8

World Ocean Day 2022

The best place to be on World Ocean Day is Georgia Aquarium. We brought the ocean to Atlanta to share, educate and marvel at the beauty of the deep blue sea. Come join us and celebrate the natural wonders of our world’s ocean.


Read more about World Ocean Day here.

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World Ocean Day Fast Facts:

  • Purpose: Empower individuals with the information, tools, and messaging needed to make an impact and drive change to protect and restore the ocean that we share.
  • Founder: Canada proposed the concept
  • First World Ocean Day: June 8, 1992
  • 2022 Fun Fact: Over 70% of our planet is below the surface of the ocean, but more than 80% has never been explored
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How You Can Help

  • Be Seafood Savvy

    As our fish populations decline, its important to make an extra effort to ensure the food on your plate is sourced ethically.

  • Share on social media

    Show your support for World Ocean Day by posting an educational video on your social media feed with an environmentally-conscious message you’re that passionate about!

  • Change your AC filter

    As the weather warms up, changing your AC filter could help reduce your carbon footprint (and your electric bill!). How? Dirty filters force your furnace to strain and use more energy to keep your home cool.

  • Donate instead of tossing

    Spring cleaning may help declutter your home, but do you ever think where everything in your “toss pile” ends up? Try donating any clothes and home goods you plan to get rid of to keep them out of landfills.

  • Use efficient lights

    When you need to use lights at home, be a smart consumer and use CFLs or LED bulbs. This easy swap from inefficient incandescent bulbs can decrease your energy usage up to 70%.

  • Be smart when washing

    When it comes time to wash your clothes, two small changes could have a big environmental impact! Save energy by washing in cold water and hanging your clothes to dry – its that easy!

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