Georgia Aquarium Expansion 2020 FAQs

When will construction begin on the expansion?

Construction will begin in April 2018, but will not impact guests until September 2018 when we open the temporary entrance.

When will the temporary entrance open?

The temporary entrance is planned to open in September 2018.

How do I enter the Aquarium once construction starts?

A temporary entrance will be accessible from the Georgia Aquarium parking deck and from Pemberton Place. Directional graphics will be located in the parking deck and in Pemberton Place.

I use a wheelchair – will I still be able to get into the Aquarium?

Absolutely – our temporary entrance will be completely accessible and meet all ADA standards.

What does this mean for my corporate event or meeting?

Our ballroom and event spaces will continue to be available for events and meetings.

When will the new gallery open to the public?

We are hopeful and working diligently to have Expansion 2020 open to the public by late fall 2020.

Will the rest of the Aquarium stay open during construction?

Yes, guests will be able to enjoy the Aquarium as usual.

Will there be a discount on Aquarium tickets during construction?

There are no plans for a specific discount related to construction, but guests are always welcome to take advantage of our Early Bird ticket pricing and our Imagination Nights!

How big will the exhibit be?

The exhibit will be one million gallons and be one of our largest exhibits.

How many gallons will the exhibit have?

One million gallons.

What are some of the unique features of the exhibit?

Floor to ceiling windows allow guests to get an up-close and personal look at the animals. The main feature of the exhibit will the animals: several species of sharks will be housed in this new exhibit.

Where will the exhibit be in relation to the Aquarium?

The new exhibit will be located off the Aquarium’s main Atrium, adjacent to SunTrust Pier 225.

What type of animals will be in the exhibit?

The exhibit will house numerous species of sharks. Construction and planning is still in the planning phase and the types of sharks can change or be added as we get closer to the opening.

Where will the sharks come from?

A variety of locations, including other like-minded accredited Aquariums and Zoos.

Will this mean an extra ticket/will the new exhibit cost extra?

No. All our galleries, including this new expansion, will be included in General Admission.

How do I leave the building?

During construction, the exit to the Aquarium will be located directly next to the entrance, and guests will exit through our temporary gift shop and into Pemberton Place.

How do I get back to the parking deck?

After leaving the Aquarium from the temporary exit, make a left into Pemberton Place and follow Georgia Aquarium directional signs around to return to the East Pedestrian Walkway. This will lead back to the Georgia Aquarium Parking Deck.

Is there still a gift shop?

Yes! Guests will have access to a gift shop at the exit.

Is there a name for the new exhibit?

The working title is Expansion 2020 – the official name of the gallery will be revealed at a later date.

Where will the new exhibit be located?

  • The new exhibit will be located off the Aquarium’s main Atrium, adjacent to SunTrust Pier 225.

With this new addition, is Georgia Aquarium again the world’s largest aquarium?

Many things can change in the design and planning stage, but Georgia Aquarium will remain the Western Hemisphere’s largest aquarium and be one of the largest aquariums in the world with this new expansion.

How much square footage will the Aquarium gain with the new entrance and exhibit?

Including existing space being used for the expansion, the total square footage will grow more than 45,000 square feet with the new entrance and new animal gallery.