Dive Into Our Immersive 4D Theater Experience

Experience the underwater world from an animal’s point of view. By combining the highest quality 3D high definition projection with special effects, Georgia Aquarium’s 4D Funbelievable Theater allows guests to do exactly that. One of the most advanced theaters in the world, this show features interactive seats and unique special effects that are built into the theater itself. By creating a set of “4D” effects that are synchronized to the film production, the 4D Theater adds another layer of immersive fun for audiences.

You'll Enjoy...

  • State-of-the-Art Sound

    Our recently renovated theater comes with amazing, immersive surround sound.

  • Unique Special Effects

    4D special effects like bubbles and splashes of water take the experience to the next level.

  • Amazing Movies

    We play four movies a year, with content that's family-friendly and educational.

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Shark: A 4-D Experience® From BBC & BBC Earth

Come face to face with some of the world’s most strange and mysterious shark species. These intelligent, underwater giants exhibit unique behaviors and are essential to the fragile balance of our ocean’s health, Shark: A 4-D Experience® explores the complex nature of their fascinating survival instincts with stunning 3-D and special effects that place you in the middle of the action. Brought to you by BBC and BBC Earth. © Morné Hardenberg/Atlantic Edge Films

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The Deep 4D: Mystery of the Ancient Amulet

Tap into your inner explorer with The Deep 4D: Mystery of the Ancient Amulet. Based on the hit Netflix series, this custom 4D Experience® follows the continuing adventures of the Nekton family. When this brilliant team of underwater explorers finds a mysterious amulet, they must use teamwork and help from the creatures of the abyss to discover the connection this it has to a nearby island. This mystery is one you’ll want to solve. © 2018 Technicolor Creative Services USA, Inc.

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Happy Feet 4-D Experience

Tap into adventure! Journey to Antarctica where you’ll meet a lively cast of penguin characters, including Mumble a heart-warming, tap dancing Emperor Penguin. When his colony of Emperor Penguins is faced with a mysterious fish famine, Mumble embarks on an amazing journey to discover the cause. Along the way, he makes friends with other comical penguins who help him realize that being true to yourself is a good thing. Ultimately, it’s Mumble’s dancing feet, bravery and determination that solves the fish famine, saves his endangered colony and wins the heart of his soul mate Gloria. Presented in breathtaking digital 3-D and brought to life with fun and exciting 4-D multi-sensory effects, this is an immersive experience for the whole family to enjoy.

We really had a fun time in the 4D theater. The kids enjoyed the wind and water elements, and there was lots of bubble fun as well.

Ashley MommyWeek.com

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