The Waddlesworth Family


He has big dreams — and is convinced that one day he can become the first of his species to be an NBA player. Even though he knows the odds are significantly stacked against a penguin making it in pro hoops — he continues to work hard, practicing round the clock. As he sees it, his half-inch vertical jump has only made him better at the two-flipper set shot. The kid definitely dreams big. He loves the Hawks of course, and hawks just happen to be his favorite non–penguin birds — so he was super excited about the family’s move to Atlanta.

When he’s not practicing hoops, Bobby likes to mess around on the electric bass.

Her dad was her inspiration to pursue this field. Mortimer was a survivor of the 2000 MV Treasure oil spill when the ship sank six miles off the coast of South Africa, which oiled nearly 20,000 penguins. His stories of the miraculous cleanup and rescue and rehabilitation efforts had a lasting impact on Liz. She went on to achieve great things in her early days of marine biology. But she always felt something was missing in her life with her serious work. It’s why she fell instantly in love with George — because he was all about fun. And not just fun — spontaneous fun.

What she hasn’t told George is that she, not he, is the real reason the Waddlesworths were recruited to come to Georgia. Her extensive work in marine biology made her a perfect fit to assist in all the work Georgia Aquarium does to help animals. She’s okay to let George believe it was his charisma that got the family the gig. She sees how much he enjoys it. Liz also likes to play guitar — she’s proud that her whole family is musical.

When he found Georgia Aquarium, he knew he was home. That’s because no place on Earth has more spontaneous fun than Georgia Aquarium. And fun is exactly what George specializes in. He’s done extensive studies in this field. As he likes to remind us:

George has been obsessed with fun since he was a kid. He theorizes that it was his way to rebel against a lifetime of being dressed formally. George has three degrees in fun — with a special emphasis on spontaneous fun.

To relax, George likes to play piano — and is a big fan of the old jazz guys. He was particularly glad to find a piano waiting for him at the Aquarium.

He likes to reminisce about his days as a submarine Captain. He claims his underwater adventures helped his daughter become interested in all things under the sea. But the real inspiration for her was Morty’s story of surviving the 2000 MV Treasure oil spill. He was one of 20,000 penguins oiled off the coast of South Africa. But through tireless cleanup and rescue and rehabilitation efforts, 90% of the birds were saved. This event instilled in Morty a passion for doing conservation work — which he passed on to all his family members. And it’s one reason he really loves the conservation work that Georgia Aquarium does.

Morty also has a tendency to fall asleep during anything he considers boring. But otherwise he’s in great health for a penguin his age — and he continues to enjoy playing drums when he gets a chance. The noise is especially helpful in keeping him awake.

She’s into penguin boy bands — like the Black and White Stripes (BWS band). And she’s always glued to her phone. In spite of not having any fingers — she is blazing fast at texting and social networking. She prefers a phablet because the bigger keys best accommodate flipper texting.

She was especially excited about the move to Georgia — figuring she’d get to meet a lot more interesting boys than the regular crew she hung out with in South Africa. Willow’s instrument of choice in the family band is saxophone. Her constant texting serves as good flipper strengthening for playing sax.